Kansas Works For Success Program

Works for Success

What is Kansas Works for Success? Kansas Works for Success is a program that utilizes innovative methods to empower fathers and assist in strengthening the father’s self-confidence in their own skills, as well as connecting the father to resources in their home community that can make the father successful in the future.

Services are provided in Sedgwick county.

What are the Benefits of Kansas Works for Success? Kansas Works for Success services assist low-income fathers in finding sustained employment, pay child support, and improve their family relationships. The Kansas Works for Success program is focused on re-engaging fathers as an additional asset in the lives of their children by helping fathers find and retain employment, reinforce healthy fathering skills, and resolve and resume child support payments.

2 week PPD Course Provides Instruction In:

How do I qualify?

Volunteer/Mentoring Opportunities

For more information or to become a volunteer call 316.651.1802